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When ordering prints, this is to help you understand what print to get. There are paper prints, Metal prints and Acrylic prints. The cost and quality are in the same order. The Metal Prints come with mounts on the back and make the print stand off from the wall. The quality is better on a Metal Print. 

If you want me to Print it and bring it to the track, look at the file number below the photo and get that to me. I can print up to a 13x19. 

The Acrylic print comes with a wooden cleat system to mount on the wall. It's got a 45 degree angled board that mounts on the wall. The print has a opposite 45 degree board that slides on top of the wall mount and secures the print on the wall. If you have a dirty environment, you can spray Windex on this print and wipe it clean. Fluids will not hurt it. 

To view photos click on the galleries below or click on "Browse or Folders. I will try to name them by the track and race.

If you want an Acrylic print, please email me at randy@curtisphotoart.com 

If you have any questions, please email me

Thank you


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